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Dot Appleby –
April 27, 2023


We noticed after the winter that the polytunnel was having problems. The intermittent hot and cold weather, combined with the excessive rainfall was causing issues and it was time to try and sort it out.

Unfortunately, the polytunnel floor was excavated to ensure it was level and in doing so, it created a basin. The rain was falling on the huge roof and was running straight down the sides and into the tunnel, sitting in the basin. The temperature would then increase and everything started to rot in the wet and warm environment.

I’d read about the guttering options and we decided to try and tackle it ourselves on a rare dry day in spring 2023.


  1. We’ve got ventilation down the sides of our tunnels and this means we have handy horizontal timber side rails to attach the kit to. Normal guttering clips were attached every meter along the length of the tunnel and the guttering fitted to flow on a very slight gradient from the centre to each corner.
  2. There was a slight gap between the guttering and the sides of the polytunnel which would have been a nuisance for leaks. We were undecided about whether to use a slimline timber slat to fill this but decided to try and pin it with screws and seal it with silicone first. This might not go the distance but we’ll soon find out.
  3. We used reconditioned (grade A) IBC tanks, 4000 litres in total and at each corner. We could have dug them down and run the gutter into the top but, due to time (it was raining again now) limitations, we cut a hole to allow the guttering to run straight into the tank with an elbow fitting. I just need some mesh for the entry point to avoid any leaves or muck flowing in.
It has worked amazingly with the tanks astonishingly filling up in a matter of days! 4000 litres! Since we’ve had them, I’ve not used a hose in the tunnel at all.

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