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Welcome to our family-run flower farm and creative workshop space on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds.

“A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.” – Gertrude Jekyll

At Field 216, we don’t do the kind of flowers you find wrapped in cellophane in the doorway of a supermarket. Our homegrown British blooms are packed with character and personality; the kind that light up someone’s day.

In a former, more frenzied life I was a solicitor, but I wanted to cultivate a more creative and balanced existence. I wanted to see more of my family, to be free to take more risks. When I look out over our rows and rows of beauties – the first bulbs in spring time; the riot of colour in high summer; the dahlias and ornamental grasses in autumn – I feel content.

It isn’t just down to me, though. There’s also my dad, a practical problem-solver and Keeper of Useful Things; my mum, an endless source of horticultural knowledge; plus the rest of the family to call upon for both brute force and moral support. And then there’s Boris the border terrier. He isn’t as helpful as I’d like on the growing front, but he’s definitely good company.

Welcome to Field 216.


Everything we produce is grown without pesticides or artificial fertilisers – natural methods for naturally beautiful flowers. The British weather might be fickle and our fingernails might be dirty, but we’ll take aching bodies over aching brains any day.

We’re rooted in our community. Bishop Wilton is one of Yorkshire’s best kept secrets, and it’s a village with a real sense of kinship. We love to welcome visitors, especially creatives who could make good use of a beautiful backdrop and readily available flowers, foliage and grasses.

Our approach is endlessly curious – we’re always asking ‘Could we…?’ and ‘What would happen if…?’, making for plenty of surprises along the way. It isn’t all idyllic: we get The Fear, and we definitely have our moments when doubt creeps in, but we’re learning to lean into that uncertainty, to be patient, to trust the process. We’re proud of our earth-kind principles and of how hard we work. Most of all though, we’re proud to produce ethical, ecologically conscious British flowers in all of their sublimely scented, just-this-side-of-wild glory.

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Field 216 FAQs

Anyone! Just ask for what you need and i’ll see if I can help!

They are all different. It depends on what you want, how many and when? If they are not displayed in the shop then please ask and I’ll always help if I can.

Yes, if you let me know that you wish to purchase for trade then I can let you have our trade application form.

We don’t use anything nasty, no herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals but we are not accredited as ‘organic’

No. Unfortunately, as a working farm, I don’t open to the public. I do sometimes invite customers to visit to pick their own or to hold conversations about weddings or events.

Got a question that’s not covered here?  Please get in touch for more information.