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Field 216 Poly Tunnel Flowers

I’d read about the guttering options and we tackled it ourselves on a rare dry day in spring 2023.


Soil health is vital to our business. Without healthy and nutritious soil, the plants simply won’t grow…

The Kit

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After we had put the smother in place to clear the ground we turned our attention to the growing.

How It All Began

We started with a paddock, recently used to graze livestock and heavy with grass, thistle and dock…

Taking Cuttings

The benefits of this method include getting a true clone of the parent plant and, of course, it’s totally free!

Field 216 FAQs

Anyone! Just ask for what you need and i’ll see if I can help!

They are all different. It depends on what you want, how many and when? If they are not displayed in the shop then please ask and I’ll always help if I can.

Yes, if you let me know that you wish to purchase for trade then I can let you have our trade application form.

We don’t use anything nasty, no herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals but we are not accredited as ‘organic’

No. Unfortunately, as a working farm, I don’t open to the public. I do sometimes invite customers to visit to pick their own or to hold conversations about weddings or events.

Got a question that’s not covered here?  Please get in touch for more information.